I am   interested in the trope of weaving and storytelling .My work explores the visual and narrative possibilities of the thread.


I experiment with my material, admire  its plasticity and power, whilst testing its limits and endurance.


Addressing  and hearkening  the thread like the enamoured architect Louis Khan, the brick whisperer,  asks his material for advice –What do you want, thread?


The thread frequently remains silent and indecisive; it wanders on the canvas without any purpose.


Sometimes ,it is transformed into a rhinoceros and tames a frightened child.


Occasionally ,it replicates tradition; following the trace of Velázquez or Titian, the thread translates their work into its own peculiar and erratic, yet so familiar and mundane, language.


Other times, it becomes a narrative thread and weaves the life stories of anonymous people, the passers-by in life.


At hard times, the thread squeezes itself into a tangling thought and becomes a cry.

It unravels slowly and painfully, like patience itself.