The following works have been created because of my love for certain pre-existing   works of art, and my own curiosity concerning certain themes. Added to these, I felt   a sense of wonder about what is happening all around me and a keen interest in the history of art. In my view, individual histories are combined to create a collective one.

My works of art are built around the theme of relationships, either between people and things they feel passionately about or between me and my art, painting.

The concept of becoming bound to the “other”, the idea of building relationships have been discussed in all forms of art, ranging from literature and theatre to the art of painting.

The scope of the sentiment which accompanies the bond has often been described as lyrical, poetic, harmonious, thus lending an idealized dimension to the concept of this bond.

In the following art works, in terms of technique the concept of the bond is formed through the use of thread, a humble material which unites, connects, and provides continuity.

Working with such a fragile material obliges me to work at a slow pace which gives me the opportunity to study and observe inch by inch the slow way, in which art works.

I follow the movement of the needle and the thread and I learn to work at a pace much slower than that of my everyday life. Observation often brings me face to face with another possibility, that of my material, the thread, getting tangled or broken. It’s not easy to avoid noticing the analogy between the thread being tangled or broken and the possibility of meaningful relationships turning into bonds of submission or slavery. Seen under this light “the bond” becomes linked with the arbitrary, the unforeseen and the unexpected.

Nothing is what it is independent of everything else.

Giota Andriakaina