The Ah! moment in the life of Useless ‘things’


Your work is self-reflexive, this was the generous comment made by an art historian who saw my installation in the window of the OTE building in April 2017. 


He was indeed right, the thread portraits represented three beloved persons of mine. I worked on them at a time when I was influenced by the Impressionists, who, it is said, never announced a shared manifesto on their art, believing that each artist is a creator of images and that his only opinion should be to refrain from any opinion. 


This work may well have been self-reflexive, but it gave rise to a myriad of narrations. Visitors conversed with the works in the window, and the result of this dialogue was the cloth portraits and the aural landscapes with their voices which were presented at Ҫarşi Hamam on Mytilini in August 2018.


Today, at Bey Hamam, my three beloved ones end their wanderings and return to their point of departure.


They collected everything they met on their last sea route. 


They lie here, among torn sheets, tangled laces, rusty iron, age-worn wood, disparate objects, threadbare clothes, rags.