Giota Andriakaina was born in Athens, Greece.

She studied Economics at the Athens University of Economics and Business.

She is a graduate of the Third Painting Workshop from the School of Visual and Applied  Arts [Faculty of Fine Arts], studying with K. Katzourakis, D. Zouroudis, Ch. Venetopoulos and V. Vasilakakis). She also is a member of the Chamber of Fine Arts of Greece.

She has participated at group exhibitions in Greece, Slovakia, Serbia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland.

Selected works  of her are in permanent exhibition at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki’s Telloglion Foundation of Arts, the Byzantine Culture Museum of Thessaloniki, the Florina Museum of Contemporary Art, as well as within private collections.

She works as a teacher in secondary education.

Solo exhibitions

  • The Ah! moment in the life of Useless ‘things’,Bey Hamam,Greece, 2019
  • “Why don’t you eat okra, Michalis?”The poetics of everyday life in crisis ,
    Tsarsi Hamam, Mytilene, 2018
  • How to cross a thread bridge,Gallery 7, Athens,2017
  • Under pressure, Vitrina OTE , Greece,2017
  • Not a day without a line, Artis Causa, Greece, 2016
  • If life were a thread, Telloglion Art Foundation Museum, Greece, 2016
  • “From A Thread” , Museum of Contemporary Art of Florina Greece,2015

She has participated in numerous group exhibitions including

  •  Platforms Project 2020, Y@oldnursery,Athens
  • To Pikap Community – Art In Thessaloniki – 2018-2019, Casa Bianca,Thessaloniki,2020
  • Gifts of Frienship I,Telloglion Art Foundation Museum, Greece,2019
  • Greek Artists Trips,Aqua Gallery,Santorini,2017
  •  Memory and oblivion, Art Gallery Poseidon,Limnos,2016
  • Gallery Moravian Museum, Otakarova 103, Uherské Hradiště,2016
  • The meaning of being an animal,Gallery Genesis,Athens,2016
  • Textile art of Today,Museum Bielsko,Poland ,2016
  • Transitions,Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art,2016
  • Textile Art of Today,Castle of Bratislava,Slovakia,2015
  • Inductions and Modifications,Choros 18,Creece,2015
  • Inspire,Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art,Greece,2015
  • Art Athina,Greece,2014
  • 5th triennial of tapestry,Novi Sad,Serbia,2014
  • Our Byzantium?,Museum of Byzantine Culture,Greece,2014
  • Justice and Art,Goethe Institut,Greece,2014
  • Lachesis,Gallery 7,Greece,2013
  • Frames of Mind,Choros 18 & Artis Causa,Greece,2013
  • Texture-Discourse-Writing,Choros 18,Greece,2011
  • 15th Biennale de la Mediterranee-Simbiosis?,Greece,2011